Kanye West Walks Into Pole

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Kanye West walks into a pole, hurts his head, then gets absolutely livid with photographers. You gotta see it.

Could have been worse, could have been his nuts.
Did you see the sign "wrong Way" on the pole... hmmmmm


haaahahahahahahahaha well, his brains can't be damaged because he hasn't any, BLACK F*GGOT!!

@ abe

Abe you're a racist homophobe....and you seem like quite the pathetic loser to troll a site like THG. Get a fucking life.

@ abe

Shut the fuck up racist bitch.are you that mad about the color of your skin and sexual orientation that you go on public websites and call people mean and derogatory names you must live a vey sad sunless life but anyways Kanye seems like such an ass imagine how scared he makes Kim when he gets mad at her omg i would scream and run he is such a manly jerk.

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