Kanye West walks into a pole, hurts his head, then gets absolutely livid with photographers. You gotta see it.

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well he did ran into the pole because he had to keep his head down from those stupid paparazzis, so technically it is their fault.


They are human, just human. All celebrity need a breather. So think! sometimes. Kanye in attempt to avoid the picture taking, he lowered his head and ran into a pole. I know that hurt. Did you hear how loud it it was? Bam! His response was normal, because his head was hurting. Don't you get the picture? I know you did. Instead of saying ow my head is hurting. "His response,"STOP taking pictures". Normal behavior, and embrassed, too..


Looks like he is ready to POP into a world of INSANITY. He has NO RESPECT for anyone. Standing next to him is even scary. One never knows what he will do next. He needs to be in the hands of a good PSYCHIATRIST.


The pole he ran into said: WRONG WAY.
Hilarious. LMFAO


Hahaha this is great! What a monkey! To bad he wasn't running....

Daddi whites

http://youtu.be/F6Xa_wtLSFo the kanye west meltdown take ....dead funny please watch


When paparazzi stops taking pictures of him and his wife is when he should start worrying. His livelihood depends on his popularity.


LMAO!! The sign does read "wrong way" maybe he should have had his head up instead of down!! cocky ass hole!


I don't know why Kanye's mad, you know Kim called the paparazzi to take her picture, it just back fired!!! OMG, does she have kankles -ewwwww?


So what he doesn't like having papz following him around and taking pictures it's pretty understandable I think

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