Kanye West Tweets Hatred of Jimmy Kimmel

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Kanye West has GONE OFF on Jimmy Kimmel. Check out all his vicious Tweets here. Do you believe they're real?

Kany west has a LOVE AFFAIR with himself. Jimmy, one thing for SURE is you can't TRUST west. He is like a SKITZO. One can never figure out what side of the bed he crawled out on that day. His personality is that of a DEAD douchebag, so whatever you do, DON'T EVER trust him no matter how he DELETED his true feelings. Maybe, his history of being a BLACK guy, will haunt him to his grave. The fact is that we are all BLACK/WHITE etc. He is no better than the next guy, BUT he thinks, yes thinks he is. See, his intelluctal range is very small/minut. I.Q. maybe 52 IF he is lucky.

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