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Kanye West debuted his music video for "New Slaves" across various major city buildings. Watch one version of it here.

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I use to like rap music but isn't it getting old now? Most people I speak to say they are sick and tired of the offensive language and fake instrumental beat.

@ Nanc

It's because talent no longer sell. After the East/West coast thing rap has become a gimmick that caters to fo-gangster no sense. The same thing has happened to R&B the soulfulness, talent and prophetic meaning has been sold to the highest bidder, that produces millionaire talentless characters.

@ Nanc

BEYOND old! How can this talentless crap be considered ART? It's because he's got mindless masses who can't think for themselves lining his pockets. Lining the pockets of a guy who can't walk with his head up, bangs it into a sign and then throws a tantrum at paparazzi because he doesn't know how to look out for his own personal safety.

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