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Kanye West debuted his music video for "New Slaves" across various major city buildings. Watch one version of it here.

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This video is disgusting in so many ways. 1. This video is derogatory towards women. You'd rather be the dick and not the swallower? 2. Oh no, you have to sign contracts that you don't like? Your life is sooo hard. Go to Africa, in the slums where people burn their trash to stay warm. 3. Why can't Kanye preach love not hate? Bring back Tupac.


his mouth has the same shape as his anus.
totally worn out by doing blowjobs!!


after all this time i just realised that kanye is eccentric


Ancient Greece had the first recorded slaves, you are nothing new, you just keep being upset because your crap ass songs don't sell. You have made yourself a slave, a slave to your girlfriend's family, but you are nothing new. Just a greasy faced prick.


It is kind of weird just seeing him looking at the video being quiet and then rapping. I hope that he is not talking and trying to defend the black race again. He tried that a few times and it backfired on him.


This is absolutely ridiculous. It seems this Kanye dude wants us to worship him somehow. He's what...about 5'2" and plasters himself on the side of a building to make himself appear somehow bigger? He's an embarassing example of a black man. I've just starting viewing him the way Charlie Browns teacher was depicted...waa waa waa waa and blah blah blah....nothing he says has any depth to it. He thinks his lyrics are so clever and that black folks are listening....can someone PLEASE tell him what a joke he's become!


Please I'm black and i don't think i'm going to buy this song...coz Kanye is talking about new slave went his baby mama is more games..!!! if you are slave then keep on the slave side..don't keep a white woman and sing about slave..!!

@ Youdaco



That Koonye West sure is an angry little man ian't he?


@avalon777 get a life and move on dude. had enough of YOUR crap.


blah, blah, blah, f*ckin', blah, blah, n*ggaz, blah, blah, blah, mutha f*ckin, blah, blah, blah, . . . . . . .same boring rapper sh*t, different day . . . got such a problem with whites, but he's okay bangin' one to be his baby mama. Hypocritical, self-absorbed assh*le. Movin' on!

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