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Kanye West unloads on a paparazzo outside his house at 4 a.m. You gotta see this.

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They love to to hate my boy yesus
But fuck em all kanye fuck em all... The white man wanna see us all break but fuck em all.... Tell em I said that.... 2pac back 2pac back 2pac back.... Hit em up Ye
Come out with that big boy 40 and just let loose on em... Fuck The World.... Killuminati


He's a total nut job, but hanging around his house at 4 AM!! That would make anyone crazy.


I don't understand how the legal system let these people get away with shit like this. I mean I can understand if he was out and about in the city or something, but damn on his private property? He should be allowed to come out with his gun and shoot every last one of them blood sucking crackers...

@ Nick

@Nick, is every person that's paparazzi white? Referring to them as crackers lol you and kanye are both crazy schwoogs, now go eat that fried chicken and waffles boy ;)


Paparazzos needs to leave them alone !! Its sad thats what this world is all about anymore!!!


now see... I can't stand him (he says the most ridiculous things), but you made me sympathetic towards him with this! what the H are you people doing at his house at 4am? LOL those guys must stink, because it would seem they live in their cars and sit outside his house. weird....

@ dale

and I'm referring to the paparazzos of course....

@ dale

They're not at his house, the're on public property - the sidewalk. He refers to the papzi to pick a profession that is respectable. Perhaps he should pick a profession that will not involve the public eye.

@ jafrow

shut the fuck up