Kanye West - "Bound 2" (Music Video)

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Kim Kardashian is topless on a motorcycle in the video for "Bound 2." Watch her ride with Kanye West now.

I agree Theresa, the mix of Kanye's rap with the other male singer, along with female background singers all feels very disjointed. The over use of green screen to produce the video makes the overall feel look fake and low budget. This should be voted the worse video of 2013. Kim's breasts cannot save it.


That was a joke, right? Uh-huh, honey.


She has no respect for herself, he has no respect for her, he doesn't have respect for himself either. (Remember when, supposedly, he posted a pic of him butt fucking some chick?) So yeah. Perf couple. Poor kid though..


fucking stupid shit ...


Lol white people!! Yall just dnt know hip hop, yea it looks weird but to the people that actually KNOW, this is DOPE! Fuckin haters man yall got the most time in the world to do that, but not enough time to pay attention.. SHUT UP!!


That is horrible. That music if off key and does not go with the rap portion. The video is so fake, poorly done and contrived. Make way for someone who actually has talent please.


Ummmmm....it's a joke people!


This is the DUMBEST most ridiculous shit I have ever seen! Kim is BEYOND ugly and disgusting ! She mangled her nasty face and this idiot is TALENTLESS beyond words. WTF


omg, that was the most boring thing I have watched in a long time. I don't know whats worse the song or the video?!

@ melissa

exactly! The visual of their ugly faces too- eew


he is so uncertain he doesn't know anymore what is neccesary to please the audience.

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