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Kady Malloy does vocal impressions. Check out her Britney Spears above! Simon Cowell even said Kady had the best voice of anyone at the Dallas auditions.

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Kady, you have a great let that personality shine when you perform. Let it go, have fun ! Looking forward to great things ahead from you !


Kady, you have a beautiful voice and fun personality. You appeared to be very anxious and unable to relax on stage. Work on your confidence, stage presence and having fun while singing. A wonderful future is ahead for you and I will be buying your albums !


Kady, the arrogance you carry around is very unbecoming. Confidence is one thing. Conceit is another. Humility is a character trait that will take you farther in life than fame. Fame fades. Humility lives on.


alright i think kady malloy is ahhhhmazing and soo is alaina whitaker. i am not sure which one i like moree but i definetly love kadys brittney impression it was perfect. they are definetly the best two out of everyone ive heard sooo far.

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