Justin Bieber appears here on The Late Show, and gets mocked by the host! Over what? Watch now and see what we mean.

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    disgraceful :(


    To be fair, Justin was educated in French. In that language, the Sisteen Chapel is called "La chapelle Sixtene."

    @ John

    Lol...no, he wasn't

    @ Kole

    lol yes, he was.


    Like say a hot girl sings and writes her own music WELL, would it make her any hoettr?I am just curious because when I like a guy and find out he is a musician (especially if he is good) it makes him SO much hoettr. Thanks!


    Bieber is so great. Charismatic. Graduated high school, which is a lot more than his detractors can say. Rich unlike a lot of losers that hate him. Charming not rude. And a Canadian fufilling the American Dream along with his darling girlfriend Selena. "Ouch, that's gotta hurt." - Jim Carrey as The Mask


    Wow he really mentioned his dad .. Notice how Justin kind of stayed reserved after that :/


    Whos the little boy with the gaping vagina

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