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We have no idea why Justin Bieber has teamed up to remix "Up" with Chris Brown. But you can listen to their quasi duet here.

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People grow up. If you did not like listening to Justin's stuff when younger, listen to his remixes. He sounds more mature and you may like it better. I have noticed some people prefer to here him with his matured voice. So people who think they don't like him, go listen to his videos from last year and even his new songs, Pray, and Never say Never. You will see he does not sound like a girl.
Also, he likes girls so he can't be gay. He is an amazing young man.
I love this song Up. I have recently started loving all his songs. I have his CDs from when he was younger and now his new remixes. I like the Matured ones.
Remember people more practice better as well. He has been practicing for about 1 to 2 years so he would sound better as he goes as well, in people's eyes that didn't like him before. Never assume you know unless you do re-search on real stuff and not what rumors are going around. This is for any person. :)


UP is actually my favorite song on My World 2.0 - and I am probably the ONLY person who likes it better on JB's original. Chris is an amazing singer, but I still prefer Justin's first cut. It was just pure talent from a very young 15 year old at the time of recording it.


is it just me or does chris brown make this song sooooo much better (no insult intended towards justin. :)


fresh. i dont think he is gay. he is cool tho.


justin is kinda cute bt z he gay?


They both sound quite similar !


i LOVE it !


nice video

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