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Justin Bieber makes it as clear as he can in this interview: he never had intercourse with the fan who alleges she gave birth to his child. Watch now.

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I love you


I love today


hi jb im jazzamin santos reemember wen u asked me........................soooooooo i herd that bglah blah hapened


ok now i strongly agree with him in the movie not once did u see him alone and if i were him if the test proves her wrong id want to sue her and ok now if i was her i wuild not go on facebook and tell everyone im having jbs baby now shes really dumb and why wuild she go on inider and tell the whole usa what thay did i dont beleave as soon as i saw her on the insider when the story broke out i did not beleave her for 1 second shes a lyer a golddigger and con artist now why wuild anyone destroy a 17 yr old boys life and if the test proves wrong think of the baby boys life ppl will tell him his mommas this and that i feel sorry for jb and the baby boy


i don't think he did that! im his huge fan! i love him with all my heart i don't think he did such thing


Best of luck Justin I believe in u no matter what happens


Just do the DNA just 2 shut that stupid Mariah women up


Dont worry jb,your fans believe you but you have to shut her mouth by prooving of luck


Miss kelsie I am not trying the judge. But, the best thing for him to do is shut her up by getting a DNA test. That is the best thing he can do The accuser can put him in court if he like it or not. Some says she has already done this. (File for him to take as DNA test) All he has to do is go to court;and, take the DNA test.


Hes soo cuuute (: kill the bitch whose trying to vring him downn!!!!

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