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Justin Bieber must have been having a bad day. In this somewhat confusing video, you can hear him curse off a couple young ladies.

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WOW :{ umm I really don't know what to say but that hasting should of have said f**k you to those girls because they were making fun of him to some kind of fans of him


They were definitely mocking him. I would have said the same exact thing if I was Justin. I mean why do people care that he said that? Pretty sure he can do what he wants. Anyways, I love Justin Bieber and I'm not bothered at all by him saying it. Plus, if it was the fact that he was having a bad day, who cares? Everyone has bad days. Paparrazzi needs to grow up and get lives.


Wow I'm really disappointed ...


Haha I would of don't the same thang


I don't think they are fans because first of all they r making fun of Justin for being on a ride with his dad at disneyworld and Justin bieber's fan would never make fun of justin because we love him soooooo much I can't blame Justin for saying Fuck u to the girls but i no it is also mean to say that. but he was just sticking up for himself. don't ever change Justin I love u just the way u are
Love u Justin!!!!!!!!
And I bet that Justin did not mean it in a harmfull way and who starts giggling when someone say to u funk u


Wow Justin I'm your biggest fan...ur sweet... Don't change that!! And I hope u said sorry to that girl you flipped off!!!

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