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Justin Bieber must have been having a bad day. In this somewhat confusing video, you can hear him curse off a couple young ladies.

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he said Fuck You and later said he was sorry,wake up,this guy is a scum bag


maybe it was a bad but will nevet say that 2 anyone


i don't think that he said F**K you, he said "LOVE YOU" but this BI*** and her friends need to go to an ears doctor, and that might be not justin cuz if he were in a public place like that all his fans will be around him..... so fix up your ears then publish a video about justin OK loser


Where is Justin bieber the camra is wegleing around so i don't know where he is i know he's there somewhere cause somebody said i saw you on twitter I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER cause he's Alsome and just really sweet and down to earth Justin bieber if you see this i would really love to meet you i mean it would just make my day if you came and met me cause i'm fixing to go into the hospital for the third time cause my miraitoff is leaking and I'm gonna have to go back in the hospital so i


I honestly think that the girls were being rude and mocking him. As soon as I watched the video and heard the way that the girls were talking to him and giggling I could tell that they were bugging him and also I don't think that they r showing the whole video of what happened.


What a couple of douche bags, chasing him around.
Bodyguard should have slammed them into the Matterhorn.


Yeah he obviously said "love you". He would never say something like that, even to his haters.


Yeah I actually heard "love you"


Yea I heard that too I did not even hear thef**k you


It actually sounds like he is saying love u not fuck u . Why are people making him sound like a bad person because he's not . He is just like any other teenager celeberty , he loves his fans.


WOW :{ umm I really don't know what to say but that justin should of have said f**k you to those girls because they were making fun of him to be some kind of fans of him

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