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Justin Bieber is asking for your help. He's urging all fans to assist those affected by the recent natural disasters in Japan.

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Hey. I kept track of the disasters in Japan and it's not so good at all. But don't worry I'm still praying for Japan. I don't know if you got my comment before but it said that I'm singing your song Pray for the school talent show and that song is going to be dedicated to Japan. I love you and I hope you and Selena are doing great.
Love Brianna Binkowski


Justin, I really hope that Japan makes it through the disasters thats going on right now. I hope that some people live through this terrible tragedity. But you and I and other people keep praying for Japan. Love your fan Brianna Binkowski


Justin, I have been keeping track on the trageties and they are getting worse. But no matter what I'm still praying for the families and people out there in Japan who are in need. Thank you so much for posting this video and you are the best. I'm singing your song Pray for the school talent show. When I sing the song, it's going to be dedicated to Japan. Love your fan, Brianna Binkowski


Dear Justin, I watched this video. I'm doing what you said. I'm praying for Japan. I was crying the minute I heard what was going on. I feel so bad for them. I hope your alright too because the radiation is traveling. Please be careful. I love you and I'll pray for you, Japan and everybody else. Good luck. Love always your fan, Brianna Binkowski


Why would you even think of asking us? We already know we have to help! And if you really cared Justin you`d donate a lot of you`re money, cause in case you haven`t noticed some people are trying to keep a roof over there own head let alone helping a stranger! Maybe you should ask your little celebrity friends first, instead of asking people that could be starving too! We all know it was disaster we read the papers! And in case you don`t know this we don`t need some rich snob to tell us whats happening around the world! Thank you!


Dear Justin, I watched the video and I have been praying for the people in Japan. I was crying the minute I heard about what was going on. But don't worry. Im still praying. Love Brianna Bionkowski


I LUV ur songs nd u tooooooooooooooooooo and


idiot... dont make publicity with others bad situation.. shame on you!!!


espero que me suscrivan

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