Justin Bieber Shows Up for Deposition

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Justin Bieber is back in Miami. He's giving a deposition in relation to a lawsuit filed by a photographer who says the artist told his bodyguard to beat the man down.

He's 20 now,and can start behaving at any time. We're really sick of hearing all the negative stuff anyway. *BORED*

@ Msdaisy

That was odd answer you gave. Not did sound odd but stupid. Anybody (even if you're just a little kid) can start behaving any time they want to but it's the kind of acting out that should within the law. He breaks the law everytime he drinks, does drugs and speeds in his car while drunk.

@ taketwo

That is not "Odd",nor is it stupid. The point is,he is IMMATURE & NEEDS TO GROW THE HELL UP. It is time when you are twenty years old. AND yes,he is acting out. He has a CHOICE of whether or not to drink,drive,speed,do drugs or any other irresponsible action. By the time you are 20-21,you should GROW UP & MAKE RESPONSIBLE CHOICES. NOT act like an ass.


hes a little bitch


He's a little Fag and he knows it,that's why he does all his shit to (the little people) he needs to grow up some, but he will still be a Fag. Hahaha

@ Darrell rutherford

What age are you? 12?

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