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What makes Justin Bieber a good boyfriend? The singer says all the right things in this interview with Radio Disney.

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Hey I think your kool. But I don't think your cute. I like the hairdo. At first I thought u sang Luke a girl but I liked your songs. Then I changed my mind. Same with me when I first heard boyfriend I thought it was usher But yes I do like I mean love your song boyfriend. It's the gest one yet!!!! So keep up the good work. And I don't think you and Selena are a good couple. She to weird for u!! :) so I also hope you gave a very great summer. I know that I am! Lol.


Hey justin it's me again I forgot to say I love u and what an INSPRATION u are ur cute to I respect anything and everything u do i love everything u do like purple lol and I want your name all over my room if I ever get Famous for singin I hope anyway then any interview I have I will always say u inspired me do u have any tips or Advise for me also please come to the uk in Swindon or near London or close to that I love you so much and ur new song boyfriend is amazing I would fall for you any day I also stick up for you all the time when someone says ur rubbish or something along those lines love u byee xxx


Justin I am your biggest fan I love you so much your amazing my whole room is all you lol I wish you would come to the uk by Swindon or London on tour so I can meet you I love you lots and I wish you loved me to :(
I understand you would go for girls like selena as ur dating her my hair is just like hers now yay I know tht you wouldn't even remember me if I meet u but I really love to sing do u have any advise for me so tht maybe one day I can be as famous as u and meet up with you? xxx


justin and selena its so cute.
congrast for justin,selena.
l'm belieber and selenator


Your new song boyfriend is awwwsome u sang like a matured teen u are u and selena are a perfect couple
p.s luv ure new hairdo i guess selena luvs it too
kk byye


Beiber, u got a proper guy hairdo at last!


Justin your so cute i just love you. Your new song boyfriend is the best. You and selena are my favorite singers. You fuys are the best couple ever. When someone says your a bad singer i stand up for you : )


Boyfriend is the best one hes sang so far at first i thought it was usher singing


Justin you are so cute. I love that you and selena are dating. I think its a great match. Your new song is great :-)

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