Justin Bieber - "Nothing Like Us"

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Justin Bieber has penned a new song, clearly about Selena Gomez. Listen now!
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i thik justin and selena should just get back together and live happly ever after

@ cassie

i think justin should get back together with selena and never cheat on her and never date any body eles exepet for selena.


I like how people are trying to say that this is a stab at Selena. Sounds to me like he is singing his feelings for her, reminiscing on what they had. They had true love, and I know both of them are still in a great deal of hurt over the break up. Amazing song, so much emotion! I wish them both the best and hope they can find happiness whichever road they decide to travel down. <3


I like this song. I believe this was his best album.

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