Justin Bieber - Mistletoe (Live)

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It's new Justin Bieber! Watch the singer debut "Mistletoe" during a concert in Brazil now.
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omg Justin i love your Christmas video you have good taste in music you always have the right things to say and i know that lots if boys and girls hate and i just tell them to shut up and there just mad cause your famouse and there not I have you all over my wall and when i wake up everday i think that i hope to see you one day because im a true real belieber fan you have such a good heart and i hope to see you someday find me on facebook !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you so much


OMG! Jutin I was a Belieber from 2008! It breaks my heart to see you grow up so quick! 2008 TO 2011! I love you and I hopr to meet you someday...I know it is very unlikely but I'm still hoping and I will still be hoping untill You die or I die...........I love you Jb.


I love you justın


Hi I diamond and I'm 11 years old I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2 sing sinc I was little one day Justin I hope to grow up just like u and 4 any UFO u can find me on facebook adore nena


I love you Justin bieber!!!! Please please please call me at 315 487 0059 anytime because I love you so much.

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