Justin Bieber Pushes Away Flag of Argentina

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Justin Bieber is in some trouble for his actions in this video. Watch him push away an Argentina flag aside now.
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Children learnt education, respect and values from their parents, relatives, teachers, friends... He learnt to be a BIG S--- he didn't get one of the above mentioned and trying to compite with Rob Ford... Is that the way he got teached? Who the hell will confuse or treat a flag the same way he treat a shirt???? Was he blind on drug at that time for such a confusion? Money can't give those qualities/values I mentioned but he is like Maradona... without culture but with money. He should be not allowed to enter Argentina anymore. Lately, Canadian are in the "bad" news... Rob Ford, Bieber... really ashame! :(


This kid has turned into a total creep. His career is OVER!


OMG, fukng as.s hole, at least grab it with your hand , dont use it as a mop! This boy needs manners. And he needs to get some culture inside his little, tiny brain,


and he still likes to be seen as a mature poster boy, hahahahahahahaha!!

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