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Justin Bieber snaps a photo with a fan's iPhone in this video. Then, he gets sort of angry at the fans.
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I know everyone love's you Justin I do too! lol but I really dont like that sometimes your really like wierd!!!!! Like thins video I really dont like it! sorry but I rreally love you JUSTIN & I WISH I COULD TALK WITH U ONE DAY AND ONE TIME! LOL


i think he's beginning to smell hisself. yes we understand that you have a pretty huge fanbase & that you're very handsome & all , but let's remember who got you those fans ! & let's remember who supports you and help you make all that money: THE FANS! I just dont like the fact that he's becoming cocky .


I love you justin or that penalty was not on that night because I wanted to live in Ecuador live in the city and learn English I love you justin neck or siquira forget you when you dead


Justin got mad because everyone threw their iPhones on stage because everyone wanted Justin's picture. I love you Justin! You are so cute! :) Wish to meet you someday!

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