Justin Bieber Hangs Up on Mojo in the Morning

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Justin Bieber recently hung up on an interview with Mojo in the Morning after being asked questions about Justin Timberlake and Harry Styles that he didn't approve of.
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I listen to this show in the morning pretty much every day - and Mojo is not a dick. . .and his mother really did die.


Bieber seems to be turning into a diva. The Justin Timberlake comment was absolutely not rude, he meant it as a sincere compliment. In regards to the Harry Styles comment about Beiber's mom, Selena and Justin had joked previously about the issue. In an interview Selena said "Both me and Justin still have really hot mom and Justin was like, ‘Harry might have become one of my best buddies, but with his record we need to keep him away from our mums.’� So it's okay for them to joke around about it but nobody else?

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