Justin Bieber Gets Egged

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Who would egg Justin Bieber? Apparently at least one Aussie.
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Fukk Yaa Who Threw eggs stop sukkin dickk WHy yaa Sukkin Dickk 4 ? ....Ya All Mother fukkka's go 2 heell & Lick pUSsy 24/7 cuz' yuh sukkin dikk now ... so...fukk Yaa & If i evaa Find out who threw dat IMMA fUKK YA UHP!!! alrii Beeootttccchhhhheeesssss.....!!


aee!!! They are cool *_* what a pity...i wasn't there..((


Good skills. But you need to improve your aim. Perhaps switch to using turd next time, or urine in a bottle Ala Donnington? Always good to see, though.

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