Justin Bieber Flirting With Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez Unhappy

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Justin Bieber is reportedly flirting with Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez is reportedly unhappy.
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If salena and Justin are really In love they shed be together .


Salena Gomez and Justin tot look good to ghether.


I loved you so much Evan if we had argued about stuff .......I still love you and I always had but you smooching that Ariana on the Cheek was okay with me I didn't like the fact that my boyfriend was kissing a girl other than me on the cheek but I let that go but that ******starts kissing you on your tour was too over the Line I get to see my best friend,the girl who stood beside me when ever I needed someone to make me feel good about my self kissing my man...that's too much and Ariana every body knows that your hair falls out and that high up ping tail is the only way it covers up the bold spot ....I hate you ARIANA GRANDE stay away from my life and that goes for you too justin đŸšĢ Evan if were dating now I still won't forget what you did too me just to keep that in your mind and that I will never trust you like I used too "trust is like paper,once you crumble it it will never be perfect again"and things will never be back like how it used to ,never justin because how can I love someone if I can't trust them like how I trusted you with Ariana but look what happend and now I'm afraid if something is gonna happen with you and Madison beers that's why I paid you a visit at the studio

@ Selena Gomez

So true Selena đŸšĢI once was a bieber fan but you can forget that ever happend #hate #that #beiber


You jerk ....your cheating on me...were over totally over ..I can't believe you right now 😞😭


Are you guys really dating?;/

@ Jahnessa

Yes they are


its a good inflooince for jstin


thats awsome because a j are a way cuter cuple if they have a son they could call him Aj if it would be a gril the name could be Jariana grande beber thats the cutest thing ever just amajin how cute there baby or babies would be any way ariana can sing so there baby would to ariana is way prityer then salena bam i make a good point and it would be a big inflooince on arian right

@ jayleen dasie

No their not bitch


justin needs to pick one girl not 100


Wow jb u really unhappy selina

@ Nancy

that dosent make any sense


Justin Bieber is GAY and Ariana Grande can do better the Justin Biener

@ Cassandra

BTW if sale a says that Justin and her are thing now than how is he gay.

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