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Justin Bieber put on quite the performance at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards. Watch him mash up a couple of hits in this video from the event.

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Stephen Colbert Talks Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom Fight

Colbert breaks down the Bieber-Bloom fight as only he can. Thank God for serious journalism.

Orlando Bloom Fights Justin Bieber

Punch thrown! You can clearly see Orlando Bloom throw a punch at Justin Bieber in this video from their altercation in Spain.

Justin Bieber Taunts Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber posted a photo of Orlando Bloom crying in order to taunt the actor after the two nearly came to blows.

Orlando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber!!!

Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber inside a restaurant in Spain. What started the fight? Why are they feuding? Watch now!

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I think that you do this.mariah have evidence against you.please reconcelation with your baby mother.


I agree with what Justin sais about him being a target and will not be a victim to false allegations. This woman should have never came up with such story. I do believe she believes it's true in her mind but also think she must have been high to think he will choose a random girl just out of the crowd to have sex with back stage. What she should be thinking about now is how long will she be in jail for. Because wether the story is true or no, She is still facing jail time. For one, He was just a child so she would be in jail for being a child molester. If the case is false, then she's facing jail time for false accusations. To me I think she could've easily have slept with an impersonator and was fooled. either way, she knew it was wrong. She's an adult.

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