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Justin Bieber and Usher have teamed up on their own version of "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire." Give the Christmas song a listen now.

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Ok, Yes the girl in the clip does resemble Selena. Perhaps it was unconscious, act or perhaps not. However, most actors kiss a co-worker on a show, it is called ACTING. He is kissing her with a closed mouth, which is appropiate in acting. Furthermore, he never names a girl in his songs, it is always Shawty, which is a general name for friend or sometimes in rap music girlfriend. Also, releasing some songs from his christmas album in October is a very smart business move. Most arts put their christmas music out in November or December. Justin releasing some of his songs in October is giving a up position for his new album. I am sure if other artists thought of it first, they would of done the same. One last thing, I think this christmas album of Justin's will be a great success. He has a variety of good artists on his CD and of course his amazing music and awsome voice. Awsome job Justin! Be Blessed

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