Justin Bieber and Chris Brown - Ladies Love Me

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The ladies love Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Listen to the latest collaboration from this surprising tandem. What do you think?

dont be a bad boy .


u can do wat ev JB is the BEST he is not a wannabe at all who agree ur a wannabe so ur takin it out on justin not cool


ya lil niqqas needa stop hatin cause he doiin him


Justin needs to stop like wat th hell happen 2 sweet sixteen yr old just bcuz ur goin out with bitchee selena does mean u hav 2 act stupid and jus bcuz ur hang with REAL!!!Nigga don mean got 2 b one letz jus say Justin is a wantabee asshole!!!!!! Letz LOL at that shit


i love you jstin
yo can for ever


i love you ali


Justin Bieber: I've got a message 4 u. Look stop bragging about urself cuz that's not cool man. And stop pretending u have swagg (cuz u don't) and u can't rap. Also ur new songs r shit. Piercing ur ears and getting tattoos, I don't think ur gf even likes that. And that t-shirt u wore in LA? wow, little girls r gonna look up 2 u now. Like seriously? Get ur gear back on or else ur gonna become the next Rebecca black. And soon all ur fame will b washed away.
An OLD fan

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