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Julianne Hough painted her face black for a Halloween costume in 2013. She's very sorry about it.

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Oh give me a BREAK! Im so sick of everything race related being an issue! It was a COSTUME! She didnt wear it out on a nonoccassion. Isnt the point of Halloween to be something youre not? Are u saying my daughter cant be Doc McStuffins for Halloween cuz she is WHITE?? Hypocrites!!


This is so dumb so if she can't dress up like someone for Halloween then why do they sell costumes for people to buy she was being creative and go figure because she's famous she's getting shit for it.. but if she was a person not famous it would go unseen..... people need to get a life and stop worrying about the stupid little things that these people do.


I think anyone who got offended by her costume has some serious issues! Get over yourself stop thinking that the world is out to get you


I think people get way to offended over the dumbest things. Its halloween, people dress up as whoever they want. Obviously her friends liked the show or they wouldnt have all dressed in orange jumpsuits. SO if your offended over a halloween costume that in NO way is disrespectful or offensive then your pathetic.

@ Laura


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