Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell - ADVENTURES IN LOVING YOU

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Juan Pablo Galavis posted this epic video in honor of his Bachelor courtship with Nikki Ferrell, entitled ADVENTURES IN LOVING YOU.
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I really think Juan is very charming and also know have to make a lady feel 100% but in the other hand sometinh about him that totally change he can be very root , and what he call honesty is not because he is not even honest with he self . He know he is cute and he have potential this is why he like to play with the ladys feeling - and it was her I will wear a band aid just think case this Prince Charming turn to be a beast . I won't fool by the song because is he really want to should her that she love her , he should sayed and should her with details - I so think that he is a controlling guy 2. But I will defenely wish Nikki all the best because she look like she is defenely until him .


What a nice video. They seem like they are truly have fun and enjoying
each others company. I am sure their journey in the real world is just
beginning and truly hope their like for each other will bring them to the
next level. It definitely take two people to work on a relationship.
Good luck and much happiness for a positive future together.


That video was adorable!!Juan Pablo better be true and sincere with his feelings for Nikki. She is a nice girl with a wonderful family and has a caring heart to be a pediatric nurse. Best wishes trying to date like REAL PEOPLE!! True love is Patient, Honest, and Kind!!! Consider Nikki's feelings before doing or saying something in poor taste!!!

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