Josh Krajcik - First Time I Ever Saw Your Face

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Josh Krajcik does not want to go back to slinging burritos. He hopes this Roberta Flack cover helps him avoid that fate.
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Avatar're a star Josh...: ))


Not sure who Eric has been listening to, but Josh Krajcik gives me chills when he sings. I usually don't pay to hear music, but this guy I will pay for. I wish they would just start recording him now and get an album out.


My advice to you Eric is to print out your comment and put it on your wall, so that in the very near future you can see yourself as the rest of us see you. I've signed a lot of people to recording contracts and this man is going to be HUGE.


Sorry, maybe he can kind of sing that song OK but there's no real talent there because singers that need to pass a kidney stone everytime they perform you have no future.

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Josh Krajcik has a 13-year old daughter and has worked in a Mexican restaurant for years. His mom accompanied him to his original X... More »
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