Joseline Hernandez: Crack Use to Blame For Fight?

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Was Joseline Hernandez smoking crack when she got into a fight on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion?

Why did joseline attack tammy? further why did she attack anyone at all? joseline is a sad bitter woman who lost her morning and she's trying to play catch up.... she's a jealous person who's life is sad and going no where... That's the reason why she's mad at theses other females cause she wants what they have her whole life is a fake.... she keep calling people ho ho ho joseline are you forgetting what you use to do for a living and you know you sold your p***y to you a ho calling other females ho okkkkkk :/ and as for stevie j that is your puppet master i am sooo disappointed in you SMH tsk tsk tsk .... and if it's true you guys where high out on crack shame on you using crack to fight you ain't bad joseline your a loser and can't live with it... some advice "only you can make a change in your life" TRY IT!

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