Jose Baez Speaks on Casey Anthony Videos

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Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez speaks on the leaked video diaries, saying he plans on going after the parties responsible.
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No RAY your wrong. Even the jury said the same thing, she was not found innocent! She was found to be not guilty because of lack of evidence. That's why you will never hear a jury say "we the jury find so and so innocent"


kill again?? she was found innocent and set free of them charges. Sounds like you missed the verdict, there Kat. Before you sing that tired song of "not guiilty doesnt mean innocent" just remember that you are INNOCENT UNNTTILLL proven GUILTY! Just like i can accuse YOU , right now, of child molesting and get you arrested. When you go to trial and you are found NOT GUILTY are you trying to convince me that you were only found not guilty because there wasnt enough proof?? or cus you were innocent??? SHE WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY! get over it, you and all them other jealous haters! News flash..."your man" would hit that in a heart beat! If the courts u phold that fake nannys frivolous lawsuit about tarnishng her name, casey should hit up everyyyyy blog post accusing her of murder even after the not guilty verdict and sue all of you for defamation! along with the state of florida!


Oh look, Jose and Casey want more attention. Let's hope she doesn't kill again this time to get more media time! GO AWAY!

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