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A sneak preview of Jon and Kate Gosselin's big divorce episode June 22! Awesome! Bet the kids are really excited!

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My first blog ever!Jon,I understand that living the last 10 years has been extremely difficult. You have now taken the reins in your home.Through therapy,you can learn how to continue to set limits and earn much needed respect.
If you go through with this divorce,your children WILL disintegrate before the public eye. Too heartbreaking to watch. You MUST take this show off the air. I am a divorced mother of 5. Divorce is not an answer. It creates even more havoc to the lives of the innocent parties,your children. Please,try counseling first. Please!!


WHAT the HELL s going to happen to those kids getting yanked between him and her all over the place? Afer the show is over and DONE.. they will be the ones to suffer as they have been SPOILED ROTTEN by all the luxuries they have they won't get any more!! They think that life they have the house, the trips, parties are NORMAL.. They SO are not!
HEART breaks for the CHILDREN indeed!!!