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St. Elmo's Fire was so 1985. John Parr has updated his classic rock hit with new lyrics, making it Tim Tebow's Fire!!

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People who take information out of context is what's wrong with the world, what a spoil sport you are Luarel! Let me guess, you think Justin Beiber is a father as well!


Am I the only one who remembers that way back when John Parr and St. Elmo's Fire was being promoted, that his record label, at the time, concocted this story about Parr having amnesia.
(Google it people!) Later, and not surprisingly, the story was busted as a hoax.
Parr might have been taken slightly, and I caution, slightly more seriously if he hadn't have agreed to that silly douchebaggery. Sounds like a desperate attempt for attention to me.

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