Joe Jonas Music Video - See No More

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Joe Jonas has released his first-ever solo music video. It's for the song "See No More" and you can watch it here.
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And I think was that good but I know when I saw that fire out of any where whe I saw that amd that's makes him but I wish he can be on fire to me amd that makes me to date him and marry him to but i think that he should have. A girl to be with him form his next video of "just in love " but he wants a girl that who can be making out with him Hi everybody stay away for him but I own him and I will come amd get you amd kill you your choice
And this girl that who wants to do that with him is me nobody else but me got that And joe please consider me amd tell somebody to put me in this video of "just in love " with you and yes I will make out with you in that video if you want to


This has that Justin Timberlake vibe allover it which is great since Justin is a movie star more so than a Grammy artist right now. Both are great though. the beginning definitely had that Joe Jonas Jonas brother screech yell in the beginning so it bring those fans to it quick, then all the metaphorical imagery int he music is stunning for a time where club music & auto tune is the norm right now, Joe takes down 10 notches to deliver a powerful piece I'm crossing my fingers for a grammy out of this.


He looks really hot & I was so not expecting his song to sound like that. I love it :)

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Joe Jonas is one of the members of The Jonas Brothers. This sexy New Jersey product expanded his career resume from that of mere boy band... More »
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It's funny when you find out there are other celebrities with crushes on you, like when I read that Lauren Conrad from The Hills liked me.

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Your dad is your party animal - that's going to sum it up pretty quick. There's an equation for some sort of explosion.

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