Joe Jackson on Omer Bhatti

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Joe Jackson confirms that 25-year-old Omer Bhatti is in fact Michael Jackson's son! Then again, is Joe Jackson even lucid?

It's funny that they make the comment that Bhatti is white. What do they think the other 3 children look like? They all look white. And I don't think Michael would hide it if this man was his child. Also from the movie I saw years ago about the Jacksons I think Joe should take a break and leave his family alone. How is he going to treat Michael's children? The same way he treated Michael coming up?

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Omer Bhatti Biography

Omer Bhatti is a Norweigan dancer. He is 25 years old. He was Michael Jackson's protege of sorts, and some believe he was more than that... More »
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Omer Bhatti