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Jimmy Kimmel has done it again with a YouTube challenge to viewers. Watch these clips of kids getting terrible presents from their parents ... for the sake of comedy.

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This is funny like I'm an alligator, and these kids are brats like I'm a Roman emperor. If a little girl receives a sticker book or a box of crayons or some pretty socks from an adult in her life and pitches a fit because she wanted Barbie's Dream House, that's acting like a brat, but who in their right mind would expect a child -- or anyone -- to be GRATEFUL for receiving a container of somebody else's half-eaten leftovers?


I would say this is mean to the kids, but you just know they're going to love these videos when they grow up. I laughed so hard at the blonde girl who get's the sandwich and tries to be so diplomatic about it, kids really do understand fairness :P


There is no "trick" worse than lying to your children year after year about the reality of "Santa Claus". When I found out my parents had lied to me about Santa all those years I lost total faith in them and I no longer believed in "Jesus" or "God" either because I immediately disbelieved anything they ever told me. So this is actually a hilarious joke, as well as being a lesson in gratitude, and pales in comparison to repeatedly lying to your children.

@ jeni

Gratitude? I don't see it. These children have been insulted and humiliated and have had their feelings hurt. Why should these children be grateful that an adult in their lives who they trust has insulted them and hurt their feelings?


Its called have a Denver of humor Jesus, I think its funny as hell, if my kids don't like a gift and the throw a fit o well they will her over it. Try and have fun s little in ur boring life.


"How are we raising our kids", indeed! Apparently, we're raising them to think it's appropriate to trick people younger and smaller and less powerful than us, by giving them garbage as a present, laughing at them, videotaping them and posting it on television for everyone to see, and then expecting them to act "grateful" for the privilege! Ummmm...yes, children should be taught to accept a gift graciously, but I'm guessing that if someone gives them a rotten banana or a girl's toy just for the sake of a laugh, they probably shouldn't be expected to sincerely say thank you for the insult, should they? And wasn't that expectation that no one WOULD be grateful and they WOULD react badly, the entire point of this "joke"? Or just that the parents wanted to get their video on TV? Give me a don't play a prank that is intended to make someone angry, and then chastise them for being angry! Golden rule, here...treat people as you would want to be treated.


Very Telling! How are we raising our kids? Gratitude should be included in the lessons on Life. I would suggest a time out for some of these children too.

@ Marie

Gratitude? Really? These young people should be GRATEFUL to receive a "holiday gift" consisting of somebody's bitten-into leftover lunch?


Oh geez!!


This is evil but that kid in the end needs to have a time out and the one throwing the temper tantrum

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