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Jim Carrey goes off on gun owners in this Funny or Die video. It's safe to say he's in favor of strict control.

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sick and disgusting . a no class- actor?????will never ever watch another of his shows ?movies-if he ever is in one. Charles Heston was a giant of a man and actor this little nothing will b remembered mostly for this sick disgusting piece of trash.


I wonder how much he was paid in order to push popular culture toward supporting these policies.


Very funny video! Thanks Jim from a fellow Canadian!
Hopefully all the" intelligent" gun owner's in the US will realize it’s time for change to gun control laws.


Jim Carey your not funny and you should be ashamed of yourself making fun of someone that is dead. Why don't you and Pierce Morgan get a room!!! I hear Canada calling!!


To everyone bashing this...get a life. Heston was an ass who purposefully shot down anyone who was honest enough to questing his lunatic obsession within guns. The only person more deserving of ridicule is Wayne LaPierre. Anyway, this video is hilarious and I'm glad Jim Carrey put it together. don't like the content? Don't watch it. Isn't that what you guys say about guns...if I don't like them then I shouldn't buy one? F-off. Thank you Jim Carrey the CANADIAN for pointing out how stupid so many of these a-holes actually are.


Is he kidding? Why doesn't Jim go after somebody who is alive and able to fight back instead of making juvenile penis jokes about a dead man? And he is commenting on Heston films no longer being in demand???? Oh yeah....because people are lined up around the block to see Jim Carrey movies. And what a hypocrite! Jimmy boy has never acted in a movie where he shot guns, right? Because that would be profiteering off of guns and violence as entertainment. I am a proud NRA member. I am also a woman and a native NYC girl. Jim's juvenile portrayal of gun owners as hick good old boys is just one examplenofmhis ignorance. And why doesn't he whip out his dick for all to see??? If he has one. Self-serving, sanctimonious waste of a video that only showcases his desperate need for attention while simultaneously advertising his stupidity! Way to go, Jim!


Brilliant! Jim Carrey rules! That was awesome. :)


that jim carrey video is the most ignorant sickening thing he has ever done and there have been a lot! Takes a real little person to have to dishonor someone who can't talk for themselves!


Jim Carrey is a total idoit playing right into the hands of the New World Order Criminal Banking Cartel that's destoying our country. Ya Jim you and Barack are so much smarter than our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, and our Bill Of Rights. If you guys had your way (and you're pulling out all the stops to make sure you do), we would dismantle our Constitutional Republic in favor of the UN and the British Crown ruling our country along with the rest of the world. Jim Carrey is a traitor just like his president!


Take your dumb, unfunny, elitist ass back to Canada.

@ jon

Charlton Heston was a thousand times better of a man that Jim Carrey has ever been. He's a btter man dead than Carrey is alive... to bad it couldn't be the other way around!

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