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Some Jets fans got into a brawl after the team's win over the Patriots. A woman got hit in the face.

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In this day of constant reminders as to equality of genders; if a woman attacks a man, he has a right to defend himself.


I watched this a few times and in my opinion she got what she deserved. In the beginning she is with a crowd chasing him. He turned and defended himself. If she got hit "Oh well". Besides it looked to me like he was aiming at someone else, they ducked, and her face got in the way. I she didn't want to get hit she shouldn't have joined in the chase.


Any woman that is going act like a man should be treated like one.
I would have knocked her a.... OUT!!!


You all realize this "gentleman" was, according to latest news, convicted of a knife murder, served 3 years and got out on parole? While I agree a guy has the right to defend himself if someone-I don't care who- attacks you after you've been separated...this confrontation could have gone nuclear in a hurry. Dude should be in jail. Female needs her head examinied.


Absolutely RIGHT ON with you who agree that this woman was in the WRONG. SHE isn't innocent by any means. I'm not a fan of either team as I'm a Saints & Packers fan but would never get in anyone's face, much less a man's, over it. And she doesn't look NOR ACT like a "lady" at all. She acts more like she's a hard-core lesbian who's been fighting men her whole life. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being a lesbian! I have lesbian friends and FAMILY!! I love them dearly! Still, you don't throw sh** at a man, throw punches, and go after him and expect him not to defend himself. I think she would have done the same had it been either gender, male OR female. She doesn't SEE GENDER....she sees ANGER. That's all! It's sad that in today's society we can't agree to disagree and have common courtesy for others at a BALLGAME!! Even the players come together after the game and have respect for one another OFF the FIELD and ON the field. We see it every time the game is over. It's really sad. I love my teams, I support them and back them 100%, at the field, in my home, at a party, or in a pub. But, I won't run my mouth and start a fight, especially not with a man and start swinging. How ignorant is that?!?! I'd get what I deserve if I were to start swinging on a man! LIKE SHE DID!! I'm against Domestic Violence and any type of violence for that matter, but this "woman" (for lack of a better word) had it coming from the get-go!


Thats New York for ya.


Equal rights for women. You get in a mans face you got the right to get knocked out!!! I would have smacked her too. You guys have a lot of nerve calling her a lady. She deserved to get hit.


She took his best shot, that guy is a girlie man. He is damn lucky she didn't beat him up. And wth were all the other men doing, he deserves a big beat down.


It's not your fault sir that this woman was hit in the face by your fists, we buried common decency a long time ago, and what was born was a hatred of societal rules of being rude and obnoxious, no matter the gender. You were safe and secure sir in that you were in the male majority. Goodbye going to see live games.


Step right up, you bad, you tell him, in fact you did tell him. You bad, you bad. Whoops! Ouch! Hey that ain't supposed to happen. Is it? Everyone is right on. What an idiot. And, I am talking about wonderwoman.

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