Jessica Sanchez - "You Are So Beautiful"

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You are so beautiful to Jessica Sanchez. The singer covers this classic song and does it proud during this American Idol performance.
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some of the comments that was said was not cause for i wish that i could have went far in my singing career ,I am really praying for the younger generation be cause it seems to be alot of neg,in all the comments i have read lets keep the peace i no your parents raised you to have respect for yourself. GODBLESS


this is a younger generation this year at least they are doing something that is gifted all of them were able to show there talents in front of the world u have to have a heart to do that so live and let GOD be the judge


all of the singers are good give them a chance


Great!!!! A Genius!!!!


Sublime rendition of this classic song. The genius of Jessica Sanchez's talent can be truly seen in her ability to sing an "overplayed, oversung, overheard song" as some critics would say and to turn it into a moment.


this was good enough to keep her around and she has great diversity. it should come down to her, josh and philip.

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