Jessica Sanchez - "Proud Mary"

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Jessica Sanchez shows off her amazing pipes in this cover. She's taking us back a few decades with "Proud Mary."
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Jessica is the only one who actually dances with her performances and of course, it's the first time she did it but I can only see great things happening to her in the future. It sure shows that she can be a legend one day. Remember, this is one of the biggest songs of Tina Turner on her heydey and she matched the voice part but need a little syncopation with dance. All in all, a job well done at 16 yrs old. She really should win this thing when she shows versatility from upbeat songs, r&b, pop, soul, ballad, dance, rock, oldies, big band, gospel and even rap...check her over 200 youtube videos. She is also current and appeals to all ages. Vote, vote, vote for for the Best! Also, a female should win this year and break the White Guy With Guitar spell.


this was very good after a slow start. i think she is safe along with PHilip and Josh. It will either be Skylar or Hollie going home and rightfully so. Colton should still be around and probably Elise too.


this top 5 are the most close competition but seems Jessica and Joshua are leading to american idol when it comes the voice are really great...

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