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Wow. What a performance by Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday. Watch their duet on the American Idol finale now!

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Wow!!!! what a phenomenal perfomance


Is this performance crazy? Yes? Is it OTT? Yes. Is it even hilarious? Well, yes! Is it brilliant? Most definitely! Do I like it? HELL, NO, I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it!!!! Miraculous duet. The best ever Idol solo performance also comes from that season, also regarded as OTT. Joshua Ledet Man's World - oh my goodness, the vocals!!!!


how the fuck did she NOT win AI? that show is garbage now. not based on actual talent but on popularity..smfh


Thanks AI for giving Jessica that moment with Jennifer Holiday,it was superbperformance ever happened on the stage. Even she didn`t win AI she`s 100% winner for us fans.


Hello.....anyone notice or comment on Jennifer Holliday's performance? She's the catalyst for this incredible duet and like for most of her career is under recognized for this magical moment.....yes Sanchez is good, very good but Jennifer Holliday is just awesome!!


Absolutely fabulous performance...understanding that we are witnessing a depth of singing that has to come from the performer's soul. (At the very end, it sounds like a gospel song from "back in the day"). WOW!!!


Absolutely shocking performance. Looks and sounds like two women shouting at each other, if they did that out in the street I'd chuck a bucket of water over them. It does get funnier the more you see it, but that's singing? NO!


@grey eagle I don't know whether they did it maliciously or whoever edits their videos for upload is an idiot. I've got my own version and have of course kept in the audience's reaction which most viewers want to savor and enjoy. It' either malice or idiocy to edit out the audience's reaction. Even in the live show they should've held the camera on the audience longer before they cut to a commercial. They knew from the rehearsal this was going to be a showstopper!


I've seen a lot of concerts in my time.I loved this performance so much I watched this performace at least 100 times.I have never seen anything on AI this good ever.I am telling you ever.I loved,loved,loved this performance they were so good I would have paid them twice to watched them.Jessica Sanchez will be singing on sunday on the National Memorial day concert channel 19 at 8:00pm on Sunday.I will be watching her go Jessica.


Jessica Sanchez is americal idol on my book, hands down. She is a total performer. Whatever you give her to sing she delivers. Totally. She may not have won first place but we'll see who gets the albums.

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