Jesse James American Chopper Preview

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Jesse James and American Chopper are returning to TV. Check out a preview for his appearance on the show.
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I have never been a big fan of Sandra Bullock or her movies. Not that I diislked her, or them, I was just completely indifferent. I had to take my mother to see The Blind Side, and I was very impressed, both by the movie and by Ms. Bullock's performance. Enjoyed both, too, which is not always the same thing.Here's the thing. If James Cameron was not actually a dick to you, personally, then that may be a huge factor in why you don't mind watching his stuff. Sandra Bullock has been around Hollywood for quite some time now. She's probably been nice to thousands of people personally. My guess is that it was probably a combination of performance/personality that got her the Oscar.

Kellie m

Jesse James is garbage. He needs to be thrown out because he smells really bad.


He can be the best company for Angelina Jolie.

@ la neige

what is that suppose to mean?


i think sandra bullock was the best thing that happened besides his children he is a very nasty person in cheats on every woman he gets with i say sandra bullock is better off getting him out of her life he puts her down but really he's the one who is a poor excuse for a man in a joke to me he needs to shut his damn mouth up.

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