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Jesse Csincsak proposes to DeAnna Pappas on the season finale of The Bachelorette. It seems sort of forced.

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DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak have broken up. How do we know? Jesse says so in this video!

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Why did they break up? Hollywood got to her. You can see right through her. Now she is going to show up on the new show and screw up with Jason's feelings once again. She is looking for something bigger and better this time. Im sure alot of richer better looking than Jesse have contacted her after her show was up. Jesse is a great good looking person, but she was not for him from the start. She's all about looks, glam, and being out in the spot light, he's more reserved.


Jesse, I watched the show since the beginning I was pulling for you the whole way.I'm so sad that the two of you didn't work and even whenyou all were still on the air I was saying if DeAnna doesn't pick you I have the perfect girl for you my Daughter MariaElena she is 23yrs old in the dental field and loves the outdoors and loves snowboarding she is BEAUTIFUL and thinks you are a beautiful person would love to send you a picture of her,you let me know don't pass this up you won't regret it.


I really felt that they wanted it to work, but I personally didn't believe it. DeAnna is very cut and dry; rather bossy with little heart. Jesse opened up his heart, but I don't think he really fell in love. He was more smitten with her looks and charm. The shows format is not condusive to developing a normal relationship.
Oh well. They are both really beautiful to look at and made a great looking couple, but even that can't make a relationship work. There were too many expectation placed upon them, and the interest for one another truly has to be there. The give and take has to be easy and feel like the most normal thing in the world. I don't think DeAnna would take a back seat to anyone.
I hope all the best for both of them!

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