Jeremy Irons Gay Marriage Concern

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Jeremy Irons has an unusual concern over gay marriage: What is a father wants to marry his son?!?
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In all states, incest is defined as sex between immediate family members, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and to a certain point, cousins. We must understand that in the United States most states do not give the same rights as if the couple were married, especially death benefits and inheritance. It's not rearranging or redefining marriage, unless you are a very frightened heterosexual.


I thought he was gay.


Well, Jeremy Irons, if the civil unions you support are just like marriage except in name, then what keeps a man from forming a civil union with his son for the same reason you cited? Just goes to show you how stingy people can be.... You can have it all, just the same, but you can't call it the same. Separate but equal. And "separate" means you're inferior to the rest of us. Amazing what rationales people can come up with to support their treasured, comfortable notions.


Wow! That was so horrible of Irons. What is he? A closeted homophobe or an incest survivor that needs therapy? If that reporter was gay and I were him, I would have been stunned quiet by his comments. That reporter is a pro and answered him right on.

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