Jennifer Lopez Performs on Britain's Got Talent

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Jennifer Lopez has received some flak for this Britain's Got Talent performance. Was it too sexy for primetime?
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Rusty cheeks

yes that thing there behind her is her "talent"


Totally agree with soapstix. What a load of over-sensationalised fuss about nothin
Ing (particularly compared to other rubbish out there)


I forgot to say that I like Jennifer Lopez, and have been a fan for some time. I think she works for everything she gets. . For someone some people like to criticize so much, she is sure doing well. Oh, and I am not a man or even young. Cher comes to mind, when I see the costumes on these younger women, because of the campiness of it, and I think this costume was way better than all the see through dresses that came on the scene a few months back, or Madonna’s freak shows.


Well, if this was upsetting, Nicki Manaj better stay out off GB. LOL


What a hack! Is there an "America's Got Talent"? Cos surely she would NOT be able to perform her porno on it! For one, that would require "talent" and some decency, neither of which this skank knows one iota about. What a disgrace to all Hispanic women in the world! She can defend her whoreish outfit all she wants, claiming others wear more outrageous outfits but please ho, they're also hella younger than you and they don't have two kids that are walking and talking, well aware of the world around them. And please don't compare her to Beyonce, her outfits are sexy but still more modest and the girl can sing, dance and she's not the obnoxious diva that J.Ho is, also, she's like 15 years younger than that ho.


She's a ride and a half, especially for an old lass, but she just can't sing. No talent beyond her buttocks, so well done her for having such a successful career. Shame on the people who enabled it.


Britain's Got Talent should have known Jlo past history, she can sabotage a funeral if she given the opportunity, she does this to convince the public that she can sing, but if that were true, Jlo in the 20 years in the music industry would have already received municipals awards by now, but the true story is that she has never won a major music award in her lifetime??

@ Steve

i totally agree...shes trash..altho...she has been good in some of the movies shes been in...otherwise...trash...

@ jules

JLO is a great singer, performer, and actress. Everyone who thinks different is just jealous of her success. . She's a successful female and I bet those haters are just trailer trash. I feel sorry for all those who envy her.

@ Mary

Great singer??? hahahahaha.... clean your ears and pay attention to her "performances", she lip-syncs the entire time she's shaking her old ass around the stage. What sounds like an "okay" voice on the radio is called "studio-magic", I'm an audio-engineer, we can make a cat sound like a great singer. No one can be jealous of a complete hack! She can't sing, she is a mediocre actress and frankly, a complete whore who actually slept her way to the top, read or watch her bio. There is no one on her way to the top that she did not spread them for.

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