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Jennifer Lopez didn't wear very much during this performance at the American Music Awards. Not that we're complaining! See for yourself!

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Stop hating! Tbh Y'all just sound jealous. I rather see j-lo dressed like this then Lady walking stick..i mean lady gaga. Srry


Dance for your papi? I think this is one of the dumbest songs i have
personally ever heard. Jennifer Lopez is good at one thing, and that is making money. She most definitely should not be singing, shes not all that great of an actress, but she is a good dancer, ill give her that. Thats where she started off, and she should stick with that, but hey shes probably making millions
promoting whatever car that is shes been advertising, she should start some kind of charitable organization and give some of that money back


I don't know what everyone is upset about. She killed it! There are so many "singers" out there who can't even sing standing in one spot. She was dancing her heart out and was STILL on key. But, haters gonna hate! They're just jealous that their fat asses can't sing or dance.


It's a high energy performance. What's not to like?


haha! all she's missing is the stripper pole!


Can some one else with more class go amerIcan idol please


Marc left his wife for that j lo ewwwww


Shes discusting slut has no class bad role model she shouldnt on american idol


jlo is older and way better looking and more talented than miss beyonce.and someone to call her a slut that dont evan know her must be a very low selfesteem biyotch there dam self


I think shes a slut

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