Jennifer Lopez Medley (American Music Awards)

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Jennifer Lopez didn't wear very much during this performance at the American Music Awards. Not that we're complaining! See for yourself!

i like the song but sorry folks don'tknow the title... peace... i always like j lo... :) love her...


I guess it's good, seeing as it's a long ass car commercial

Carol worth

I have loved Jennifer since I first saw her in "Selena." She has a special gift, a way of "bringing you into" the character she is playing. She's quite open and vulnerable. She's multi-talented. She can act, sing, the stars of old. I don't care for this genre of music, but she does it well and she looks great! I just like to see her with her clothes on! ~0;-p.


This woman has IT no matter what she has on. You go girl. I love your style, your looks, your energy and your creative nature. To poot with the haters. Do your thing girl which you do so well. GIRL POWER. By the way, I did not see anything wrong with her cloths. The fit the performance and her beautiful body.


But if it had been a Porsche or Ferrari no one would have complained or said anything. What a bunch of hypocrites. She looked damn good up there.


what is all the complaining about she has made some bad decisions but are you serious look at her at her age and with children she looks damn good iam sure works hard for that look keep it up mija


I don't see what's wrong with the video. yes, she drops a lot of clothes, so what not like I haven't seen a naked woman before, why all the censur US


That performance, really, perfectly captures just exactly what the American Music industry is. Over-reachingly commercial, wherein music is purely incidental. No instruments, band or real singing needed. A stage show selling adrenaline via thinly veiled sexual innuendo, lip-sinked to canned tunes.


FTW!! What are the vma viewer ratings?? That was almost PORN!!


good interesting it should be continue.

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