Jennifer Aniston Smartwater Ad

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Jennifer Aniston's new Smartwater ad is going viral. Among many techniques to make it happen? Erroneously naming it a Jennifer Aniston sex tape.
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Wow are you people mean or what? This was an anzaimg accomplishment for a 16 year old to give veteran actors a run for their money!!! Sandler and Aniston just did squeak by Justin. By the skin of their teeth! Justin's haters look so small from up here.


bye the way i loggod in with facebook


hello jennifer i watched your vidio it funny and cool when i go bed at night i watch friends at the min u are with joey and phebe (how ever u spell it ) is with mike and chandler is with monica and it is really good u are funny aswell (Rachel) by the way what name do u like better jennifer or rachel and i am a big big fan of yours and your relationship i hope it goes well good luck !!!!!!!!!

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