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Jenni Rivera's brother performs at her funeral in December 2012. So sad, but also uplifting.

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jenni rivera we miss you so much with all my heart jenni


Bola de idiotas, te extrañamos jenni ♥.♥


Such a sad video! I was moved where it shows her brother lose his control towards the end of the video. May you rest in piece Jenni! You will never be forgotten by your family nor your fans!


Wow @Julio Lopez...may you never have to hear such disrespectful words on the day you loved ones pass on. You may have your opinions about Jenni Rivera but her fan base before her tragic death speaks for itself...and you sir are a lowly creature ti speak so horribly about someones passing.

@ SabrinaVianney

Why dont you shut the fuck up. this bitch wasnt a saint she disrespected a lot of people so FUCK jenni im glad shes dead and fuck you too


Estas cantándole a los ángeles Jenni, nunca te olvidaremos... God bless you.


@ Julio Lopez. Que pendejo Eres!!! Tonto! Dumb ass

@ Mgonzalez

Chinga tu madre gonzalez

@ julio lopez

me das tanta pena julio eres un hombre tan amargado pobre buey!!!!!!!!


Que bueno q te moriste pinche vieja sin talento

@ julio lopez

chinga la tuya pinch jotolon hijo de puta que culero vete a chupar una verga de un negro

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