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Jenna Talackova sits down with Barbara Walters to discuss being born a man and competing for Miss Universe as a woman.

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1. To go to a miss contest knowing that you built yourself after your preferences from head to toe, wouldn't be a fair contest. It's deceiving! 2. When you go to any other contest or exam and they catch you cheating, you get thrown out. Why should be different in this case? I tell you why, because everything that was before "exact science", now it's relative. Whoever cries louder, gets all the rewards. And for that, you only need to scream "Discrimination!" and you get everything, whether you deserve it or not. It's deceiving, people!!! Why should be different in this case?! It's disappointing how easy to manipulate is the world today... Wake up.


I wonder how the other contestants reacted now knowing she is a man, I bet some of them feel awkward around her haha, no longer change in the same area. :P


So a man-women whatever you call it gets disqualified because of the rule "You have to be born a natural women" Then sues the Universe for being disqualified. What the hell kind of world come to. The Universe oagent was in the right for disqualifing her


You go girl


jenna talackova is a disgrace to nature and should no be allow to take in any female events or activities.shame on you jenna talackova.


It was amazing!!


PLEASE JENNA, SHOW SOME RESPECT TO ALL WOMEN... i have gay friends and relatives but what you want to happen is not acceptable...


Why in this day and age do we have Rules and Regulation, then have to apologise for and or change them for people. Its Mr Trumps contest and the Rules i would assume are fairly well documentd. The contest is for Miss Universe and one of the rules for the contestants is to be 'A naturally born Woman'. So like most things in life you should read what you are signing up for and not complian when you get caught breaking the rules or have to pay for not being truthful with your application. Life is harsh and sometimes not fair but thats why its called life. So now if 'she' dosent win it will be becasue of discimination.... Predictable really but thats ok, it will be another chance for an interview and exposure and lawsuit.. till the next hard done by 'its not Fair story rolls along.
Think about it :)